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Author Topic: Some Graphics Card Questions and Help  (Read 311 times)


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Some Graphics Card Questions and Help
« on: May 14, 2018, 08:11:40 PM »

I have done some searching but haven't really found what I am looking for so I'm hoping there is someone here who is good with graphic cards that can help me. I asked one other place but didn't get any help there and that's why I'm asking here.

1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a Nvidia GeForce 6600 would work on a computer with a 580w power supply and, if so, does Nvidia still have the XP version of the legacy drivers available for download?

Also, I would like some suggestions of Nvidia cards that work well with a 580w power supply and Windows XP.

2. My Mom has this Dell computer with Windows 7 and it's never had a graphics card in it but has slot for one. It has 300w power supply and I was wondering what AMD and Nvidia cards would work with it. She will be getting a computer from the same place my Dad had mine built from but until we can do that I would like her to have graphics card in this one. I should mention that games she plays on there are Hoyle, Bookworm, Bejeweled 3, games by Legacy Games and ones like that.

Quick side note: I would have used my AMD/ATI X1300 but it's a card from when XP/Vista were the it Windows OS's so there are only drivers for those. Also, I would have used my AMD Radeon 2400 HD, which I know works with Windows 7, but I would like to keep it in my HP XP computer.

Nvidia cards: Suggestions should work with Windows XP and 7 and up
AMD Cards: Suggestions should work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and up