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Author Topic: SG1 The end of season 12, a new begining for Season 13.  (Read 407 times)


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SG1 The end of season 12, a new begining for Season 13.
« on: July 01, 2018, 11:42:25 PM »

It had been a year of full on excitement for the Milky Way galaxy as forces sought to undo the good work that both Earth and her allies, even her traditional enemies the Goa'uld had been working to bring some kind of stabilization to the Galaxy after two years of very brutal warfare.

 When the end came from one war with those we knew as the Destroyers, it was felt then that all might come down to Armageddon. It didn't thankfully as the Galactic forces came together creating the largest massed  fleet ever witnessed and though in the last days it was an almighty struggle, evil lost badly this time which had the effect of making some hopefully long lasting treaties among the Milky Way civilizations.

Not long after that sad story concluded, when all sides were trying to rebuild and regroup from the biggest losses any of them had suffered, a new threat appeared on Earth’s Alpha Site. They were known as the Forerunners and they began a war at the start of what proved to be the worst winter that part of their world had ever suffered. The battles to and fro lasted for over a month until a daring plan was hatched to kidnap the Forerunner Empress, a young Forerunner woman, possibly not much more than a figurehead in reality. The plan was a success with SG7 leading the mission supported by SGC’s MCU and the Alpha site’s 401 flight. After a long period of questioning and yet still hearing nothing from the Forerunners, eventually they did capitulate when the Cavaleiros and their Earth allies sent a massive ground force to the enemies bases in the far south as an unseasonal early Spring thaw set in. A peace treaty was finally signed by all parties, with the Forerunners allowed to retain a partial piece of southern land that was established in the end as hereditary to them.

Back in the Galaxy a new and terrifying threat emerged when the recently established Governance over former Lucian Alliance territories had just settled in. A huge force of unknown ships came from virtually nowhere to once again threaten the peace of the galaxy. That force later found out to be under the control of the lost tribe of the Wold’s Borgestemkyu (Borg) calling themselves in their own language the Heraki, flung everything they had at a point midway between Lucia and Chudel. It was met with a combined fleet of the System Lords and the Free Jaffa Nation with SG1 assisting. A space siege ensured and when it had all the appearances of utter defeat, the El’Dari burst into the battle with a presence the Heraki could not thwart. They were sent running like the cowards they were, with the El’Dari pursuing them to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

On Earth things went as they often did with no one ever suspecting on that planet the cloud of danger that hovered over them. This might have been brought to an abrupt ending when a reporter and a teenage boy made overtures to bring the whole secrecy of the SGC come crashing down. Nigel Parks from the Colorado Sun and his accomplice Nicholas Freeburg aged sixteen (suffering from Motor Neurone Disease ) we taken into custody by NID agents, taking them directly to the SGC for questioning at length. The file has yet to be closed on this case but thus far from the discussions Admiral McRaven had with Parks, it appears that Earth is not yet done with their old friend Ba’al. Teams are being sent to follow up on Parks’ information and a decision about the boy’s status is pending.

Other events for the SGC’s calendar as September drew near to the end, upon the PX7-994 dig site a new discovery was uncovered in the form of a cartouche and ancient wall glyphs. News of this soon reached the SGC of a possible Ancient world yet to be discovered and as the report is posted, teams will be gathered to seek out the clues. Of course somewhere along the way as so often happens the Goa’uld will most likely get wind of this and the race will be on to find the hidden treasure.

Teams will be returning from Pegasus as Captain Mike Jaworski is finally repatriated home. Captain McFearson is given leave and Colonel Lillian Radovic USAF will be placed in command of the Dreadnought until the expiry of McFearson’s leave.

The Gamma site will be officially opened with the transfer of our newest test fighter to that base.

Lieutenant Commander Jack Peirce to Commander

Squadron Leader Catherine MacGregor to Wing Commander

Staff Sergeant Kimberly Paine to Technical Sergeant

Major Kimberly Sutton to Lieutenant Colonel.

2nd Lieutenant Timothy Foster to 1st Lieutenant

*If you have a character you feel deserves promotion, please PM me, thanks*
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