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Author Topic: Ascension of Darkness AU HP RPG Unique PLot!  (Read 18 times)

Farren Darrow

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Ascension of Darkness AU HP RPG Unique PLot!
« on: July 07, 2018, 10:08:28 PM »

What happens when the good guys don't win?

The Wizarding World is still recovering from a war for complete power and citizens are left to pick up the pieces. Rebels were punished severely, some losing their homes and freedom, others losing so much more. If you had money and status on your side, you might have only suffered a slap on the wrist and a constant reminder to know your place.

Rights have been stripped, the Order claiming their rules and laws are to help make everyone equal but even the most loyal believers are feeling the tightening noose of oppression.

Join us to rebel against the totalitarian regime, or side with the force of tyranny and bask in the glory of its rewards. No matter your side, no matter your story, you will witness the
Ascension of Darkness.

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