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Author Topic: SGC-Sub Level 21a - Task Force Blackbird  (Read 1728 times)


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Re: SGC-Sub Level 21a - Task Force Blackbird
« Reply #75 on: April 11, 2019, 03:54:10 PM »

"Alright" Callaghan began after listening to what was going to happen. "We'll take the Japanese  SFs" he stated. He turned to his team. He pointed to the white building at the top of the map. "Hernandez, take Foster and set up there with an M24."

"Are there any other ways in?"
he asked the Colonel. "How are we on tracking? I'm thinking that one team takes the tunnel, while another could beam in on the wall, or in one of the towers when no one's watching? Or after the particular section of wall we're going into has been cleared by our snipers." he was just spitballing here. He didn't like the idea of both teams entering from the same place. In his experience, it was usually better (and easier) to have teams work towards each other.
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Re: SGC-Sub Level 21a - Task Force Blackbird
« Reply #76 on: April 15, 2019, 04:53:26 PM »

The ground was changing rather rapidly, with what was going on, Mike knew that he simply needed to keep up. It seemed that they were given the go ahead from the brass about Japan. Mike nodded at the mention of being suited up in their day dress. His lips pressed together as McMillan seemed to hit the nail on the head when she spoke about him wanting to be among the men on this particular op - but orders were indeed orders. He certainly could see where the lieutenant was coming from, that they needed to command at this particular moment. Mike briefly took a glance at the live feeds before his attention was back on the room.

Mike nodded, his attention turning to the two other groups in the room. He had forgotten exactly how crowded it had been. His attention was drawn back to the screen where the image of what it was they were planning on attacking was shown, paying rapt attention to remember the smallest of details. It seemed simple on paper/screen, but he was old enough to know the complications that could come from diplomatic and political relations with the Japanese. "Seems pretty straight forward. Of course, it will come with it's unsaid problems of once one gets on the ground to see the situation for what it is. Looks like we have a fair amount of ground to keep coverage over, how reliable is the intel?"

He folded and unfolded his arms, holding the firm belief that nothing would remain as clean-cut once their team was out on the ground. "What time are we looking at for this to happen?"

Frank was more than happy to accomodate the other team who were in the room, with them choosing to pose as the Japanese SF, they were going to take up with the police unit. The lieutenant had laid out the ground rules for their weapon systems clearly, so there were no discrepancies of what they were there to do. Their role was to assist the Japanese in the mission but it was their glory once the mission was finished.

He listened carefully to what had been said about the police unit having discovered the underground tunnel system. "For what its worth, being that the counter-terrorist unit's been the one to find the tunnels, I'd say they would want to use it to their advantage." Frank eyed the ground carefully, before glancing over to Wolfpack's CO. "If we have one team above ground, another below, we can work our way into the center building, clear it from bottom and the top."

Frank was weighing up the options, checking out what would be the most effective way. Of course he knew plans could change and he would have to end up conferring with the chief of the unit once they got on the ground. "Presumably we are rendezvousing with the respective units?"


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Re: SGC-Sub Level 21a - Task Force Blackbird
« Reply #77 on: April 16, 2019, 11:44:42 PM »


"Since there isn't much time and the clock is ticking as we speak, all of us knowing these terrorists groups don't respect their own words, let's assume the worst and these jerks will start killing our people very soon. Each team will have two of these." He picked up one of the five LSD's, or life signs detectors, from the table. One he'd hang onto himself. "Since we can't distinguish who is good or bad, I can tell you the hostages will be still, the Tangos will be moving about, or at least a good majority of them will be. Actual blueprints will be uploaded onto your PDA so you'll know exactly where you are via your GPS tracking."

 Last thing, always that last detail. "Once the roof top, tower and wall guards have been eliminated. snipers rejoin your team pronto. One team will enter via the tunnels, you can flip for that, the second team will stand by to breach the main front doors with a satchel pack, those damned things are teak and 18 inches thick. Remember your main focus will be on reaching the Temple building itself, so once inside the perimeter you will need to be the Flash, I estimate that once they know they've been breached you'll have less than 4 minutes to get in and free the hostages. Any last questions?" They could of course sort out those last minute things on site.

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