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Author Topic: Watch keeping aboard ships  (Read 234 times)


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Watch keeping aboard ships
« on: January 17, 2019, 12:17:23 AM »

 One of the things never covered or even hinted at in Stargate was the distribution of work hours on the ships. I will cover this for your benefit which of course will be run under the Naval system of 'watch keeping'.

 The first thing of note. The captain of the ship should not be seen as a permanent fixture on the bridge, nor the others we see always there. But its a TV show, they didn't have 300 people to man the ship (set)

 Up front, this does not cover your actual work routine. That is perhaps a little more confusing but I'll do my best to explain. Generally everyone on board does an 8 hour day from 0800 to 1600 hours, yes the one hour lunch break is included. But if you are on 'watch duty' you will be at your watch station. What is the difference? If you're regular crew, you'll be doing ships maintenance, engineering staff are permanently on watches, as are most of the officers.

 Division of watches

    First watch: 2000 to 0000
    Middle watch: 0000 to 0400
    Morning watch: 0400 to 0800
    Forenoon watch: 0800 to 1200
    Afternoon watch: 1200 to 1600
    First dog watch: 1600 to 1800 {First and last Dog Watches are the evening meal hours}
    Last dog watch: 1800 to 2000

 The two watch system. This is covered during the 'ready' phase, that is to say when the ship is ready for engagement but not in battle.

     Day 1    Day 2    Day 3

2000–0000    Team 1    Team 2    Team 1
0000–0400    Team 2    Team 1    Team 2
0400–0800    Team 1    Team 2    Team 1
0800-1200            Team 2    Team 1    Team 2
1200–1600    Team 1    Team 2    Team 1
1600–1800    Team 2    Team 1    Team 2
1800–2000    Team 1    Team 2    Team 1

 The three watch system. Used for normal cruising and routine duties.

    Day 1    Day 2    Day 3
2000–0000    Team 1    Team 2    Team 3
0000–0400    Team 2    Team 3    Team 1
0400–0800    Team 3    Team 1    Team 2
0800–1200    Team 1    Team 2    Team 3
1200–1600    Team 2    Team 3    Team 1
1600–1800    Team 3    Team 1    Team 2
1800–2000    Team 1    Team 2    Team 3

 When in battle, all watches are at their stations.

 If there is any questions, please ask.

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