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Author Topic: CW5 Michael 'Mutt' Hurley | TF Blackbird  (Read 40 times)


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CW5 Michael 'Mutt' Hurley | TF Blackbird
« on: February 10, 2019, 06:14:58 PM »

Played By: Thaddeus


Full Name: Michael “Mutt” Hurley

Age/Birthday: 31 October 1968 (42)

Nationality: American

Rank, Title or Position: Chief Warrant Officer Five, USN - Special Warfare Technician

ATA Gene: Negative

Height: 5’11”

Build: Athletic

Related Skills: Diving Supervisor, Static Line Jump Master, Lead Breacher, Master Parachutist, Air Drop Load Inspector, Joint Terminal Attack Controller

Unrelated Skills: Master Training Specialist

Credentials: 2000 Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resources), East Tennessee State University, 2010 Masters of Arts (National Security and Strategic Studies), Naval War College


Appearance: Short dark hair cut to military standards with slight receding hairline, blue eyes, square jaw. Athletic build developed during his military career, though showing showing signs of old age and ‘letting go’. He is typically seen wearing the woodland variant of the Navy Working Uniform with subdued SEAL trident and parachutist insignia.

Personality: Hurley is a no-nonsense straight talker who speaks his mind and does not sugar coat. While it could be argued that he is jaded, it would be more accurate to say that he has seen every way a mission could go wrong, and he tries to avoid that happening at all costs. He has a history of being short with those who he does not respect. Those who manage to get past his exterior will find a man who respects and honours the uniform and the mission, who will never leave a teammate behind, and who will never give up.

Behind closed doors, Michael struggles to face the reality of his age. Extended deployments and a string of field injuries have left him unable to keep up with the SEALs he had trained, resulting in mild anger issues. While he sees the value that he brings to an advisory roles, his desire to be in the thick of the action has lead to a string of bad decisions that have almost cost him his career.

Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, camping, snorkelling.

Field/Work Experience:
1986 Naval Recruit Training, NAVSTA Great Lakes, Il. (SR)
1986 Naval Special Warfare Preparatory Course, NAVSTA Great Lakes, Il. (SR)
1986 Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training, NAB Coronado, Ca. (SR)
1986 SEAL Qualification Training, NAB Coronado, Ca. (SR)
1988 Special Warfare Operator, SEAL Team 4, JEB Little Creek, Va. (PO3, PO2)
1993 Leading Petty Officer, SEAL Team 4, JEB Little Creek, Va. (PO1)
1998 Instructor, SEAL Qualification Training, NAB Coronado, Ca. (CPO)
2001 Chief Warrant Officer Academy, NAVSTA Newport, RI (CPO)
2001 Training Officer, SEAL Team 7, NAB Coronado, Ca. (CWO2)
2004 Planning Officer, Naval Special Warfare Command, NAB Coronado, Ca. (CWO3)
2007 Operations Officer, Naval Special Warfare Group 2, JEB Little Creek, Va. (CWO4)
2010 College of Naval Command and Staff, NAVSTA Newport, RI (CWO5)

Personal History: Michael was born to his parents Ronald and Jean in 1968 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. His father, who had served in the Pacific in WWII, had used his military pay to purchase a small cattle ranch. While his upbringing was comfortable, his father’s dark descent into alcohol hardly made for a joyous childhood. Michael worked hard at school and enjoyed sport, anything to get him out of the house. Shortly after graduating from high school he enlisted in the US Navy, seeking to get out of South Carolina and make a life for himself.

Michael applied directly for SEAL selection, and while he had been able to prepare himself physically for the challenges, the mental trials that he faced were something else altogether. He passed Prep Schools and BUD/s near the top of his classes, and managed to clamber through Jump School and Integration Training, becoming qualified as a SEAL operator after the year long indoctrination. After his trident was pinned on he was assigned to SEAL Team Four and spent the following eighteen months were spent completing his special warfare training. He served in various overseas conflict, both publicly known and classified. He served as a Leading Petty Officer following promotion to PO1, his first taste of tactical leadership and guidance. Following his second combat tour, Hurley was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and served for three years as an instructor as SQT, helping to train and select the new generation of warfighters.

While he loved being in the field, Michael found himself drawn to serve advisory and operational roles, in part due to a string of series field injuries. He was successful in his application to become a Chief Warrant Officer and was appointed a special warfare technician. He was billeted as the Training Officer for SEAL Team 7, a Planning Officer with NSW Command, and finally as the Operations Officer for SEAL Group 2. Upon promotion to CWO5 he attended the College of Naval Command and Staff and completed his masters degree.

SGC History:
Hurley’s first encounter with the SGC was a special warfare technician, rather than as a shooter. In 2005, while assigned to NSW Command, he was flown to the Groom Lake facility in the middle of night and asked to help troubleshoot a new diving airlock the Air Force was developing. Once he got over the confusion of why the USAF was playing in the Navy’s yard, he noted that the design, construction and material of the airlock where unlike anything he had ever seen before. While the answers to his questions were ignored, Michael was able to identify and correct a fault with the cycling mechanism. He left the facilities mystified, and did not learn until years later that he was played a small part in ensuring the Daedalus was space worthy.

He was assigned to the SGC in 2011 as part of the SG-SOCOM build up, were he finally learned the truth about the mysterious airlock and the existence of the Stargate program. He has since logged a dozen off-world missions, primarily in advisory roles.




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Re: CW5 Michael 'Mutt' Hurley | TF Blackbird
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