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Author Topic: Gersemi - Vanir Commander  (Read 61 times)


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Gersemi - Vanir Commander
« on: March 14, 2019, 12:18:01 PM »

Gersemi - Vanir Commander

Played by :Khnum


Full Name : Gersemi

Age/ Birthday:
25.000 years

Nationality : Vanir

Rank, Title or Position : Vanir  Commander

ATA Gene: Unkhnow

Height: Unkhnow

Build: Slim

Related Skills: Ship commander, weapon and technology officer, head of joint operations

Unrelated Skills: unkhnow

Credentials:  Commander of the interstellar spaceship Skarg, military strategist during the first war against the Wraith, head of the military operations associated with the Ancient's

Appearance: Like all Vanir and their Asgard cousins, Gersemi is also a clone of his original Asgard body. Unfortunately his physical constitution worsens as cloning continues. Unlike his cousins, Asgard, the subcutaneous technology insert, slowed the deterioration of his current body. When Gersemi is in action, like all Vanir, he wears armor of Ancient's conception, capable of allowing his movements and actions otherwise unthinkable for his body.

Personality:Because of the awareness of the extinction of his race, Gersemi has become a cynical fighter, who, in order to obtain the required information, does not struggle to exterminate entire star systems. He voluntarily conducted a series of kidnappings aware of having betrayed the alliance with the Ancient's due to the progressive deterioration of his people's physical condition. Cynical and aggressive, he sweeps away everything that hinders the achievement of his goal.

Field/Work Experience:

Personal  History: After following orders from the high command Asgard to colonize the pegasus galaxy with the Ancient's, he fights against the common enemy represented by the Wraith, where he coordinates numerous missions within the Wraith territory. the unexpected betrayal of the allies makes Gersemi so angry that he even drives a retaliation against the latter, being stopped just before starting the attack. later he was ordered to take numerous guinea pigs from the Ancient's planet for the study of human physiognomy in relation to Vanir. When the conflict between Vanir and Wraith reaches its climax, Gersemi is the author of the discovery of a planet unfit for wraith life in which to take refuge. For centuries Gerssemi took care of continuing the raids in the galaxy trying to arouse less attention among the Wraith who entered into hibernation because of the scarce presence of humans to feed on. The arrival of the tau'rì, will initially arouse his attention, until the actions of the latter, will lead to an open clash with the Vanir.



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