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Author Topic: Hayley Devon Caden  (Read 323 times)


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Hayley Devon Caden
« on: June 23, 2019, 05:28:05 AM »

    Character Name: Hayley Devon Caden

    Position/Rank: Chief Engineer/Lieutenant

    Character Information:-
    Callsign: Hailee or Devon[/li][/list]
    Gender: Female[/li][/list]
    Species: Human
    Age/Birthday: 34/April 15th, 2124
    Place of Birth: Strandhill, Ireland

    Physical Appearance:
    Height 5’9”
    Weight 132
    Hair Color Ginger
    Eye Color Blue

    Physical Description: Naturally athletic with slim, feminine muscles and toned abs. Long, ginger hair down to her shoulders that is occasionally tied into a bun or a ponytail when she’s working. Almost no scars but has two small tattoos; one on her ankle and one on her lower back.

    Father: Gavin Caden (Deceased)
    Mother: Bailey Caden (Deceased)

    Personality: Devon has a rosy complexion with a fierce personality. As a strong woman within her own right, she always had a mind of her own. Raised by her own father, she inherited his stubbornness, fearless personality and the ability to set things right if something feels wrong.

    Strengths & Weaknesses:
    -Fixing anything within her reach and drawing them from memory to build it.
    -Strong set of morals and able to figure out what is right or wrong.
    -Quick on her feet and carries out an order without hesitation unless the order was morally wrong.
    -Her weakness is her insecurity that she hides behind her work to prove herself.
    -Her stubbornness, from her father, causes her to be rigid and blunt.

    Hobbies & Interests:
    -Building and fixing the occasional mech parts to make them work, even if they are broken.
    -As she got older, she started fixing engines, including cars, shuttles and space probes in her spare time.
    -Surfing the coastal beach of Strandhill, Ireland and working out rigorously.
    -Cardio Kickboxing, military tactics and combat techniques from her father.
    -Practicing her aim on the range with her rifle under her father’s supervision.
    -Other hobbies and interests including learning to ride horses and exploring Ireland with her dog.
    -Her engineering background came from her interests in modifying her father’s energy rifle.

    Language(s) Spoken: English, Scottish Gaelic, French, Vulcan

    Personal History:
    Born in the coastal town of Strandhill, Devon lost her mother due to childbirth. In dedicated to her mother’s memory, her father did as her mother’s wishes to name her Hayley Devon. His nickname for her would be Hailee, because calling her Devon would be painful for him.

    During her early childhood years, Devon grew up in the footsteps of her father. As a military officer, Gavin’s rigid military code came from his father who served during the war and his father’s father in any militaristic history. She was born with the military blood in her veins.

    While she was growing up, she adopted an Irish Setter puppy for her sixth birthday. It became her companion and went everywhere with her. As an avid surfer with a mind of her own, Devon would go out and explore wherever she set her mind to with her dog. During her exploration, she found her desire to break things apart and piece them together like a puzzle. She found her desire to build things from scratch. Not only she learned the military side from her father, she discovered her own love for the technical aspect of engineering and became a born tinkerer.

    Her first project at the age of ten was the construction of her very first probe fitted with an engine that would propel it into space. She called it Bailey after her mother. It took nearly five years to construct one, let alone fly. After failing each time in constructing the probe and ordering more parts to make it better than the last, she constructed Bailey IV and set it off in her backyard. She watched in the night with both her father and her dog.

    When Devon talked about joining Starfleet academy, her father was not disappointed. He had believed that his one role in life was to teach his daughter to survive. It was her decision if she wanted to enroll instead of following in his footsteps to become a military officer. The next day following her seventeenth birthday, he submitted her application for the Starfleet academy in San Francisco.
    Service Record:
    -2141: The day after her birthday, Devon applied for Starfleet Academy.
    -2141-2145: She began her studies surrounding her interest in engineering including warp mechanics, early starships and transporters. At one point during her studies, she had an interest in commanding a ship of her own, so she worked toward that long-term goal.
    -2145: Graduated Starfleet academy with the rank of Ensign. Her first duty was the construction of shuttles for various purposes. She led a team of her own engineers and directed them.
    -2145-2150: For the next five years, she spent most of her waking hours on various construction projects for Starfleet as a Starfleet officer. During her spare time, she’d learn Vulcan and their culture. Sometimes, she would construct probes to go as far as it could. During that five years, her engineering skills improved with each small tinkering and modifications with various Engineering equipment.
    -2150-2153: After the successful launch and flight of the first NX01 ship called Enterprise, Devon was offered a new project that she would be interested in called the Intrepid project. It included another ship called the SS Republic which Devon became involved at. Devon accepted it and oversaw its production. Along with constructing shuttles for Starfleet vessels, she would help construct hulls, nacelles, its components and the warp core of the starship, among other engineering technical stuff. After reading tons of tech manuals for the Intrepid class, Devon felt that breathless undertaking of a great project coming into being real.
    -2153: By the end of its completion, Devon was promoted to Lieutenant and offered a role of engineer onboard the SS Republic to oversee its shakedown. In the coming of the Xindi weapon that attacked Earth and self-destruction, she had lost her father during her service in the aftermath of the destruction. Feeling rage at the loss, she felt burdened even more by her real mission that unfolded before her as the SS Republic began her five-year mission exploration after that first shakedown.
    -2153-2155: During her three years of service onboard the SS Republic in her five-year mission, Devon consistently proved her mettle as the assistant to the chief engineer. As the team leader, she led repair crews to keep the Intrepid class up to date. She even made some modifications to the warp core and smoothed out the ride in to exceed beyond 3.5.
    2155-2157: On the eve of the war between Earth and Romulan, there were talks of ascending Devon up the ranks as engineer. When NX-03 Challenger just started out, Devon became her deputy Chief Engineer.
    As the war between Earth and Romulan began, Devon found herself and her crew right in the middle of it. This was where her real mission began as she proved what she could do using her experience of military training from her father and engineering from Starfleet. Using both at her arsenal, she kept the Challenger at top notch shape and speed through constant repairs and fighting against the boarders while finding herself being transported or flying directly at the enemy.
    -2158: By the end of 2157, a position opened up on the Washington, a Yorktown class. They needed a Chief Engineer. Devon's captain recommended her for the position. She accepted transferred soon as her shuttle docked with the station to begin her next five years onboard the USS Washington
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    Re: Hayley Devon Caden
    « Reply #1 on: June 25, 2019, 10:07:35 AM »


    Lieutenant Hayley Caden, you are assigned as Chief Engineer of the Earth Starship Washington.

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