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Author Topic: The League: Background  (Read 1111 times)


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The League: Background
« on: September 02, 2013, 11:21:52 PM »

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

The League is a relatively new creation--it is currently entering its second formal year of existence. The title of "league" was devised after much debate among the races, wherein they settled on a term that connoted a unified front but without any hampering of a defined government style or command structure. To date, integration is mostly seen in the merchant district of Kleisoura, the capital of Thrasekion proper. The military is hardly integrated, having to deal with two alien species whose technology levels are as different from one another as they are with the survivors of Kualpuch; the government is dominated by military leaders whose own ranks are mostly filled by goa'uld; moreover, civil integration is as tricky as it ever was. This is an alien power borne of desperation and fueled by survivor instincts, something that should not be taken lightly. Holding together three star systems is no easy task, made even harder by the strict code of secrecy for the system, lest the Library become imperiled again.


You'd be hard-pressed to find a race that worships technology more than the caste-heavy Sival. Their home planet is 92% covered by water, forcing the Sival to tunnel underground for more habitable "land." Most of the race dwells either underground or in the rusty habitation units in orbit. They are well-adapted to darkness, their dark eyes able to absorb what little light is available while their bronze-hued skin--quite literally mineral deposits--is a testament to the adaptation to a hot and high-pressure environment. These deposits act as heat and gravity sinks, distributing the ill-effects evenly throughout the body to dissipate the worst of it. Strangely, even though their home system Ryais has little background radiation due to the unique gravity wells of its multiple gas giants, the Sival are highly-resistant to radiation. As such, they are further suited to life in the stars.

Though their growth is naturally stunted due to poor nutrition and cramped quarters, they can easily grow to two meters in height. They have small ears pulled tightly back against their skull that come to points of three, four, or five, depending on parentage. Due to the nature of the caste system, most Sival will note the ears of whomever they meet to deduce how to greet the other. They have bushy eyebrows that are typically plucked thin, but oddly enough the hairs will continue to grow. This leaves many to braid the eyebrows and pull them back around their head to connect with the rest of their hair for a fashion statement. Again, the nature of the preening depends on the caste: those of the upper families have the free time to ornately braid and decorate their eyebrows. The lower castes, however, simply cut them short. Soldiers are ordered to keep them as short as possible, for morale and health reasons.

The most striking thing about a Sival is the series of horns running parallel to one another. They are spaced no further than the middle of each eyebrow, and are completely symmetric. They continue to grow as one matures, again requiring a certain amount of maintenance. Military personnel are ordered to keep theirs sharp for melee. Their hair grows much like it does for humans, though will continue to follow the spine until the hip. Hair does not grow anywhere else on the body, and, due to the shoddy record-keeping and constant warring between underground covens, there is little suggestion as to how the Sival developed in this way. Save for these distinct constants, the Sival remain a diverse population: hair colors range in bright and dark hues, their skin can be a mottled silver or a brilliant copper, and even their mono-colored eyes can sheen a distinct darkened color.

In short, the Sival are an intelligent, if hyper-aggressive and socially-backwards, race. They are master mechanics, but don't let one decorate your house or offer to cook. Their diet is comprised mostly of fungi and actual minerals--their metal-infused teeth and truly alien digestive system allow for the latter--and herbs and spices are a very new phenomenon to them. They are experiencing the most social pains of all, as the lower classes have found a chance to flourish in the cities of Thrasekion, free from the burdens of the caste system. This has led to many a confrontation between lower and upper caste members in Kleisoura, but typically the presence of an angry Varenum shopkeeper is enough to settle the quarrel.

Majestic does not begin to describe the Varenum, nor can words adequately convey their stature. Perhaps it is best, through some glitch in the translation, that their name cannot be natively pronounced--that is, their mouth structure prevents them from forming the sound of "v." They get around this and many other vowels by substitution, of course, but the irony is not lost on them. Standing at over seven-feet-tall for the average specimen, a Varenum can be best described as lizard centaurs. They can walk on all six, but their front two appendages--on the "vertical" torso--are uniquely suited to manipulation of items. Combined with their highly-developed society and customs, it is rare to see a Varenum on all six. Their back four legs are rather squat, designed more for latching onto the two-hundred-foot-tall trees native to their home world rather than running...though they can do that just as well. Despite their size, they are mostly herbivores. This is due to their habitat, whose big game was hunted to extinction in the Varenum's early years. Unable to catch the smaller prey--efficiently, that is--the Varenum chose to put their extensive knowledge of flora to good use.

In stark contrast to the Sival, the Varenum are excellent cooks and aesthetic craftsman, though their weapons of war are a bit less efficient overall. The Varenum were, date-wise, the first into space, but only recently armed their spacecraft. Their traditional spacecraft designs are filled with curves and bright green paint, an extension of their forest homes. Each family builds their homes on a single tree, giving new meaning to the term. Manipulation of metal is done largely underground or in areas already blighted by volcanoes or other places that insult the Varenum's personal aesthetic. For this fact, the Varenum are rather poor at efficiency. While Kualpuch engineers strive for pleasing and effective spacecraft, the Varenum take it to a whole new level. Their touch can be seen in the angles of the Fremen-class flagship.

On further anatomical detail, their tails can range in ratios to their upper body, between 1:1 to 2:1. Their scale colors are generally green with colorful patterns along the spines, though there are plenty of brown, tan, and even purple hues. Their eyes, however, are uniform overall. They are keen for lizards on Earth, but do not match the ability of the Sival to see in the dark. Cold-blooded by nature, they are further hampered in space by requiring a higher-than-normal temperature in the spacecraft at all times. Funny enough, this makes the Varenum and Sival perfectly suited to work together in space, as the latter can comfortably work in the hot environment. For this reason, there are rarely any humans on a Varenum-commanded craft. There is some testing of personal heating suits for Varenum in line with those used in their initial space voyages, but nothing streamlined has been created yet. Nevertheless, they are fearsome in battle, if the current military integration proceeds as planned for ground troops.

The founders and saviors of the trio of stars that would be dubbed the Three Fates, the citizens of Kualpuch are an amalgamation of goa'uld, jaffa, and humans. Society revolves around the Matriarchs--the female queens who head up each major house--and the Senate, which is led by the Administrator. While the Matriarchs are the voice of consistency and stability, the Senate has a diverse set of opinions. All races have some degree of participation in the Senate, though the small number of humans decreases their total representation. The Balaam Council of Elders is another, yet informal, mode of legislation, though it represents only the jaffa.

Society is held together by an admiration for knowledge and the protection of the Library. All the knowledge of hundreds of races--captured before their destruction or integration into the frontlines of the Olympian War--is held within the massive confines of the Library. Lifelong warriors often retire to protect databanks and transcribe the thousand-year backlog of additional material. Before the destruction of their home system, the memories of each citizen were recorded and stored in a separate crystalline vault. These memories cannot be viewed by anyone save their families, unless necessary for a criminal investigation--an often occurrence, given the typical amount of political assassinations each year to climb the ranks of the Senate. Thankfully, the database was copied and temporarily moved to the Library itself, where it awaits the completion of a new, secure facility.

The mission of their native system having been fulfilled, the populace of Kualpuch looks to the formation of the Thrasekion League as their new purpose in life and death. They zealously work to guide the fledgling races of the Sival and Varenum into strong allies, both to protect the Library and because it is a rare opportunity to contribute to another race's history...not simply record its demise. A long history of civil wars has made Kualpuch citizens hardy and inventive, always finding new ways to utilize old weaponry. Their strengths reside mostly in diplomacy as they use treaties and political maneuverings to provide security. Though this ultimately failed in their previous reality due to the fractured nature of the System Lord Order, perseverance is a virtue among them.
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