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Author Topic: WEAPONS  (Read 174 times)

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« on: November 07, 2013, 05:00:08 PM »

When a Contractor Joins the Company Full Time they are given £3500 to pay for their own Primary Weapon, Side Arm, Sight System and Gear.
This kit is bought through the Company and the £3000 is held in an account To make sure the money is only used to buy those weapons.

Then After that, Each Contractor has £1000 to buy extra equipment, or repair's for their kit. If at the end of the year if there is less than £250 left in the Contractors repair account it is carried over to the next year.

Untill the Contractor is either working Full time or has their own weapons they wish to use, they are lent a Serenity Branded weapon.

Serenity PMSC Glock 17
(a glock 17 gen 3 frame, with gen 2 hand guard, with gen 4 internal parts, Condor night sights, with a laser sight guide rod, with a lanyard loop on the bottom of the pistol grip and the Serenity PMSC Logo printed on the top of the slide behind the ejection port and stamped in to the hand grips.)

Serenity PMSC AKM-47
(A full length AKM-47 with a solid black synthetic stock with the Serenity PMSC logo laser etched in to it (And sometimes painted to a colour of the buyers choice.) and a RIS hand guard.)

(Fictional UK Laws)

In the UK, there is Tax's on a weapon as it is. This Tax is payed when the weapon is checked over by members of the Metropolitan Police.
Any weapon can have any accesories that go on it. How ever any modificaions. (Like making a sawn off shot gun) Has to be approved by the police.
Most changes/modifications are allowed unless it changed the internal mechanisims. or the round fired.

Weapons Available to Contractors (Not including those owned personally by Contractors.)

Para Ordnance P-14 .45 (There is one of these for use in the Armoury. it is Georges Original P-14, When he bought his Black OP's 14 from Para Ordnance He took the the grips from his first pistol and put them on the new pistol and now the old pistol, with black ops grips is in the armoury.)

(More to come when I can be asked to think if realistic numbers and explanations.)
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